Three Things To Know About Selling Your Jewelry For Cash

There are many times when women have pieces of jewelry lying around that they do not wear on a regular basis. Jewelry received from past lovers or broken jewelry is often not appealing to wear or simply impossible to wear. Rather than allowing the jewelry to take up space in your jewelry box, consider selling it for cash to a jewelry dealer. Learn everything you need to know about selling jewelry to a dealer in the guide that follows.

The Jewelry Doesn’t Have to be Wearable

If the jewelry is damaged or broken in some way, the jeweler may still buy it from you. There are many times when the jewelry can be melted down and used to create another piece of jewelry, if it is not in wearable condition. Also, a jeweler may be able to easily replace a broken clasp or remove a broken link to make a piece wearable again rather easily.

All Diamonds Are Checked Before Being Purchased

When you go to sell diamonds, the jeweler will check the serial number that is inside of the diamond. The number will then be entered into a computer database that will let the jewel know if the jewelry is stolen or if it is saleable. If the diamonds are stolen, the jewel will call the police right away because you will be in possession of stolen property. If someone gave the jewelry to you and you have no idea where it came from, you can simply explain it to the police when they arrive, but they may have to confiscate the jewelry since it is stolen.

Not All Purchases Have to be Final Sales

There are some jewelers who offer their customers the ability to get a loan on the value they give the jewelry. The loan amount will be less than the true value of the jewelry because the jewel needs to be able to replace the money that they gave you for a loan and make a small profit after everything is said and done. The loan you get on the jewelry will be for a specific period of time. So be sure to repay it on time to ensure that you do not lose your jewelry forever.

When you sell your jewelry to the dealer, there are times when they may offer you an in-store credit or a cash value amount. The in-store credit will often be higher than the cash value amount because they want you to shop in their store. This can be a great way for you to get new jewelry without having to spend any money on it.

How You Can Enhance Your Wardrobe Choices With Jewelry

The jewelry you choose to wear each day should complement the outfit you are wearing as well. Many jewelry styles are available today—plenty enough to have pieces on hand for every type of outfit you could possibly come up with. The clothing you choose to wear out each day can look a lot better when you know how to wear your jewelry. Follow these tips for how to wear your jewelry in a way that enhances your clothing and brings out your style.

Remember Your Hair And Skin Color When Selecting Jewelry

Several aspects of the jewelry you choose to wear need to be carefully considered before you wear it. For example, if you favor silver rings, think about your hair color. For the most part, silver matches silver or grey hair tones, but you can match it to darker hair colors like black and brown when you wear a silver head band or other silver-colored hair accessory. Bear in mind the hair accessories you choose to wear for matching up jewelry to your hair color should be small and never overbearing. If your hair is blonde or even strawberry-blonde, wearing gold rings can be the best way to bring out your hair color.

Never Mix And Match Jewelry Styles And Colors

When choosing more than one piece of jewelry, always keep your sets together. For example, if you have a necklace and matching earrings, avoid wearing earrings that are not the same style or color as your necklace. Doing so can cause your outfit to look busy and unkempt. Also, the color of the gems on your matching jewelry sets should be the same as the main color in your outfit. Wearing jewelry with gems that are the same color as your outfit can work to clinch the color, giving you the look of precision and neatness.

Consider Where You Are Going And Why You Are Going There

Your destination is a huge determining factor in your clothing choices, and it should be for your jewelry as well. If you are going to your kid’s baseball game, you certainly do not need to wear a set of bright, large-gemmed costume jewelry. If you are going to work in an office, wearing subtle jewelry styles is best to avoid clients staring at your jewelry and not maintaining eye contact with you during important business negotiations. The jewelry styles you wear should be chosen according to the mood your destination will call for.

Making the right choices about your clothing and jewelry when you go out is important to the impression you make on the people you meet. Take the time to select only the jewelry you know will look good on you and with the outfits you have hanging in your closet. If you’re looking for more jewelry to add to your collection, check out brands like House of Harlow for ideas.

Time To Start Planning For The Holidays: Four Jewelry Gifts With Lots Of Meaning

It’s already time to start thinking about holiday gifts—especially if you plan on putting something sparkly and expensive under the tree for that special someone. If you’re short on ideas, consider one of these four ideas.

1.) Stackable rings.

You’re probably familiar with the song “The Twelve Days Of Christmas,” which mentions five golden rings as one of the gifts received. You can play off that theme by buying five stackable rings to deliver the message that the recipient is your true love. Because the rings are meant to be thin and somewhat delicate looking individually, stackable rings can be highly affordable, especially if you opt for a mix of silver and gold and skip the gemstones.

2.) Heirloom stones.

The holidays are a great time to pull out that old piece of jewelry that’s been sitting in someone’s jewelry box for the last few decades and have the stones reset into something more modern. If you feel like it’s time to bring your beloved into the family, talk to your jeweler about having the stones reset into a custom piece. You may even be able to reduce the cost of the piece further by reusing the gold from the original setting.

3.) Platinum pieces.

Platinum is an expensive choice because it is one of the rarest metals on earth—however, its white luster will never tarnish and stays the same throughout the years. This makes it the perfect piece for symbolic jewelry—particularly engagement rings and wedding bands. Its density also makes it perfect for a piece that is intended to be worn daily because it won’t wear thin over time, unlike gold or silver. Platinum stands for purity, rarity, and strength—and its unchanging nature makes it a perfect for a symbol of true love.

4.) Snowflakes.

One of the most iconic symbols of the season is the snowflake, so why not give the person you love a piece of jewelry that’s shaped like a snowflake? Talk to your jeweler about the price level that you’re comfortable with before you start shopping—snowflake jewelry comes in styles that range from unadorned silver to white gold with sapphires and diamonds on the points. The message behind snowflake jewelry is clear: you think that your beloved is really one of a kind, someone who could never be duplicated by another.

Finding the right piece of jewelry for your favorite person this holiday season isn’t hard, but it can take a little pre-planning if you’re on a budget or looking for something special. Many jewelry stores are already starting their holiday layaway programs, which can help you avoid having to struggle to pay for the ideal piece at the last minute. If you plan on tucking something really special in your beloved’s stocking or under the tree, check out your local jewelry store, such as Feagans Jewelry Inc, today.

Jewelry Storage Mistakes To Avoid

It doesn’t matter if it’s the most expensive diamond in the world or your favorite costume piece—it’s yours, so you want to take care of it. Make sure you aren’t damaging your own jewelry. When you fail to store your pieces away properly, this could very well be the case. Make certain you know what mistakes to avoid when storing your jewelry away.

Hanging Pearls

Those decorative jewelry hangers seem like the ideal space to hang your pearl necklaces and bracelets. However, it’s never a good idea to hang genuine pearl pieces. First, when it comes to bracelets and necklaces, authentic pearls are generally strung on fine strings of silk, which are often very delicate.

When you hang the pieces, especially if you don’t wear them often, you could be putting undue tension on the silk, causing it to fail prematurely. Secondly, when the pieces are hanging, any vibration in the area, such as you walking by, can cause the pieces to move and possibly cause the pearls to bump into one another, which can cause damage. It’s always best to rest your pearl pieces on a flat surface.

Putting All Your Pieces Together

Never make the mistakes of storing all of your jewelry pieces together. Organizing your pieces with a jewelry tray insert doesn’t just make it easier to locate them, it can also keep them protected. Take the thin, pointy backs of earrings, for instance. They might seem harmless, but when tossed in the same area as other metal jewelry pieces, these earring backs can cause scratching.

Tray organizers help you avoid this problem because they keep all your pieces separated from each other, without scarifying the convenience of having all your jewelry in one place. For added protection, consider purchasing a tray insert that is made of velvet or some other soft fabric.

Choosing The Wrong Storage Area

Always carefully consider the placement of your jewelry storage. This is especially important when it comes to heat. Storing your jewelry near the window, next to a television or near a heating register all increase the risk of heat exposure. Prolonged heat exposure can be especially damaging.

In terms of colored gemstones, over time, heat can alter both the color and durability of the stone. For metals, the increased heat can also alter humidity, which can cause damage to the metal. Always keep your jewelry away from a heat source.

Always take your time when storing your jewelry away to ensure you can enjoy your pieces for many years to come.

Keeping Your Chain Maille Jewelry In Great Shape

If you’ve just bought some chain maille jewelry, you know that the intricate design deserves good care. This does not necessarily require special equipment, though. Taking the time to clean the jewelry properly and put it away in a protective environment can go a long way toward keeping the pieces in good shape. Take these relatively quick steps when caring for your jewelry to avoid a lot of future problems.

Blow-Dry Your Jewelry

Whether you use a basic soap-and-water recipe or douse the jewelry with a commercial cleaner, you don’t want to leave the jewelry wet for a prolonged time. Because chain maille jewelry can have such intricate designs, though, it’s easy for water to become trapped in between the rings, causing corrosion. After you rinse off the piece, gently pat it dry with a clean cloth or paper towel, and then blow-dry the piece. Use a relatively cool or low setting, but run the hair dryer air stream all over the jewelry, making a point to get those little crevices and bundles of rings.

Scrub With a Soft Toothbrush

Just as those crevices can catch and hold water, they can also trap cleaning solutions like baking soda or soap. Take a soft-bristled toothbrush — do not use medium or hard bristles as they might scratch surface finishes — and gently sweep all around the piece of jewelry, getting in between all of the rings before you give the piece a final rinse.

No Chlorine

Chlorine can cause different metals to discolor, which obviously affects how the jewelry looks. Remove all chain maille jewelry before swimming or using cleaning products containing chlorine. If you’re even going to sit next to a chlorine-disinfected pool, remove the jewelry to protect it from splashes of water when someone cannonballs into the pool.

Keep Dry Jewelry Separated and in Small Bags

Once the jewelry is dry, keep each piece in its own small plastic bag. This will protect it from small scratches that could occur when other jewelry touches the piece. A small zippered bead bag can work for smaller pieces, while snack- and sandwich-sized bags work for larger pieces.

More specific care instructions depend on the specific metals used in the jewelry. Talk to the person who made the piece, or if you bought it from a store or online, talk to the sellers about which metals were used and any cleaning advice the sellers might have.

For more help, contact a business like Bead Me a Story.

Keep Your Business Successful Through Marketing Automation And A Varied Bead Stock

When you are catering to your customers who need beads for all of their crafting projects, it’s important to have a wide variety of beads in stock. Finding the right wholesale supplier for your business is essential to having the beads you need. From charlotte beads to true-cut seed beads, the more versatile your stock is, the more likely customers will continue to come back to your store for each project they have going on. 

Understand Your Customer Base

To understand what your clients are searching for on your website, you need to keep track of search queries. This is done easily with marketing automation software designed to hone in on what your customers are looking for when they find your business. By looking through the search queries that your customers have typed in, you can get a better understanding of what your customers want and what brings them to your website in the first place.

Allow Customers to Sign Up for SMS Texting Services

When you own a bead business, you want your customers to come to you first to look for supplies. With a SMS texting service in place, you have customers sign up to receive deals or discounts that you have to offer. This provides you with a direct, instant way to reach your customers. You send messages to every customer that has signed up, or to a select group whenever you want to let your customers know about a new product, or a limited time sale. This is a great way to introduce a new line of charlotte cut seed beads that you have secured for the new lineup.

Technology and Good Customer Service Are Important

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are running when it comes to customer service and the use of technology. In order for your customers to be satisfied, you have to provide excellent customer service all of the time. You need to make sure that your website is up to date, and that customers are able to order from you using multiple devices such as computers, smart phones and tablets. When your website is easy to access through a variety of devices, you have a higher chance of successful sales.

When you are running a business and you need to purchase wholesale stock, keeping your stock varied is as important as understanding your customer base and giving them the products they want from your supplier. Contact a business, such as the Har-Man Importing Corp for more information. 

3 Reasons To Utilize A Collateral Loan

A collateral loan is a very useful resource to have at your disposal, mostly because of the many benefits and advantages that it can provide over a traditional loan. Collateral loans will require that you provide something of value when you take out the loan, such as jewelry, that the loan provider can keep if you are unable to repay your loan. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to consider a collateral loan.

Quick Access To Funds

One of the biggest reasons to consider this type of loan is that it can provide you with money in a short amount of time if you run into an emergency. For example, this is a great resource to use if your car breaks down unexpectedly or if you have an emergency medical bill to cover.

In most cases, you can simply walk into a jewelry store like Sol’s Jewelry & Loan that provides collateral loans and simply drop off your jewelry in exchange for a loan in a few minutes. This is a big advantage over a traditional loan because most traditional loans will require that you wait for an approval process, which can sometimes take several hours or days. 

Multiple Repayment Options

Another reason to utilize a collateral loan is in order to take advantage of the multiple repayment options that are available. For example, you can choose to make a payment on the loan in order to extend your repayment time, pay the loan in full to avoid any potential interest charges and reclaim your jewelry, or simply forego repaying the loan entirely and allow the loan company to keep the jewelry that you provided. While surrendering the jewelry may not be an ideal choice if it is important to you, it is an option if you cannot repay the loan as you will not have to worry about collection activity on the part of the loan provider.

Low Approval Requirements

Finally, a collateral loan is a useful resource if you have poor credit and are unable to be approved for a traditional loan. In most cases, there are no requirements for a collateral loan beyond you actually providing a piece of jewelry or some other piece of property as collateral.

Many collateral loan providers won’t even bother running a credit check in the first place. However, if the company does check your credit, having good credit may increase the amount of money that the loan company will give you in exchange for your collateral.

Contact a collateral loan provider today in order to discuss the many ways in which one of their loans can benefit you. This type of loan is useful because it can provide you with a quick access to emergency funds with low approval requirements while also offering multiple repayment options.

Information That New Antique Jewelry Collectors Need To Know

If you would like to start collecting antique jewelry, learning as much about it as possible is a good idea. Many people out there are making fake pieces that hard to distinguish from the real thing, so learning about the pieces you are primarily interested in is vital to finding worthwhile, valuable pieces of older jewelry. Follow these tips for helping you know when the piece of jewelry you are looking at is not a replica.

Know The History Behind Your Favorite Antique Jewelry

Knowing what time period certain types of jewelry were popular in can be helpful in distinguishing fakes from the real thing. For example, if you are examining a ring you think is an antique, knowing that during the Georgian era rings were made to fit the gems can be helpful to determine a fake. During the Georgian era, jewels on a ring could be several different sizes and shapes because during that time, stones were not cut and polished. Many of the rings from the Georgian era also carried stamps of bows, floral and scrolls motifs. A wedding ring from the Victorian era may have a birthstone like an amethyst instead of diamond while one from the Edwardian era may be made out of platinum with delicate and intricate designs.

The Difference Between Tarnishing And True Patina

When a piece of silver jewelry is tarnished, it simply means it is dirty from being exposed to the air and sunlight. Tarnish can be easily wiped off with a soft rag and jewelry cleaner. However, real patina comes from a piece being worn for many years. Areas that are worn have a dark appearance that renders some pieces of jewelry even more more beautiful than when they were originally made. When you go shopping for old, antique jewelry, having a soft rag and a bottle of jewelry cleaner on you is a good idea for those times someone is trying to sell you a piece with tarnish instead of patina on it.

Good Places To Find Real Antique Jewelry

You may find many websites offering antique jewelry for sale, but one of the best places to locate old pieces is at yard sales or thrift shops. Many people give away the property of deceased relatives to thrift stores, never realizing they were giving away a piece of old jewelry worth a great deal of money. Visiting yard sales can be fruitful as well because many people are not aware that some costume jewelry is considered vintage and antique.

Taking your time to learn about the jewelry you would like to collect can be a lot of fun. By investing your time in research, you can shop more informed and have more of an idea of what you are looking for. Contact a company like Jeffrey-Private Jeweler for more information.

How To Honor Your Son Or Daughter Upon High School Graduation

Remember when you were enrolling your little son or daughter in kindergarten? Now the years have flown by and you’re facing high school graduation. Part of you is thrilled that your child is facing new experiences, while the other part of you knows that adulthood is taking your child away from home. One thing is for certain, completing graduation is a big step and honoring your child for his or her accomplishments will make your entire family happy. From a fun event to the perfect gift, here are some ideas that will help you to plan something that your graduate will always remember.

Plan An Event – Will your son or daughter want a big graduation party or will he or she prefer something small and intimate? Unless you’re planning a surprise party, it would be a good idea for you to sit down with your child to find out what the best way to celebrate would be. For something small and intimate, consider reserving a private room at an elegant restaurant where just your family and your child’s closest friends can celebrate. For something more elaborate, have a backyard barbecue right at your own home or rent a banquet hall for something more formal.

The Gift – Are you having trouble deciding what to give your son or daughter as a graduation gift? If so, consider giving several presents. For example, if he or she will be going away to college, luggage will be needed. Think of buying three pieces of matching luggage. In the largest suitcase, place clothes that will be needed at college. For example, if your child is going to go to college where winters are really cold, buy a high quality coat to put in the suitcase. In the middle size suitcase put some coupons for eating out. Save the smallest case for something sentimental that will remind your child of his or her graduation from high school. For example, perhaps you’re ready to give your child the Rolex watch that you inherited from your own parents. Have it repaired and cleaned by a professional like Hayes Jewelers so that it will be in perfect running order and so that it will look brand new. The great thing about quality watches is that they are so classic that they will never go out of style. 

Don’t forget to write a letter to your child that expresses your gratitude for the person he or she is and for your pride in his or her accomplishments.

4 Ways To Earn Fast Money

When you need money fast, whether because your car broke down or your paycheck was shorter than you expected, there are a few different things you can do. The following methods let you get a small amount of cash with little effort, and without getting a loan from your bank.

Sell Your Gold

An easy and fast way to get some extra cash is by selling any gold you have among your personal belongings. This might be a gold watch, gold jewelry, or some gold coins you have been collecting. Some of these items will be priced purely based on their weight and the type of gold compared to current gold prices. Other dealers, such as those buying rare coins, also consider the type of coin when you are selling them. Many pawn shops give you cash immediately after purchasing your gold items, so you can typically earn money quickly. Just make sure you do your research and know what these items are worth before selling them.

Get a Payday Loan

Payday loans are often better than personal loans because you get cash the same day you apply, there are no income restrictions, and credit checks are not done. All you need is a bank account and proof of your income in the form of paystubs. The payday advance business will check your bank account to verify that it is valid and will contact your employer to make sure you are still employed. Aside from that, all you need is to fill out an application, provide personal references, and choose how much cash you need. You will pay it back with interest within a few weeks when you get your next paycheck.

Have a Garage Sale

Another way to earn quick cash is by selling items you no longer have a use for with a garage sale. These are easy to set up, simply requiring pricing different items and placing them on your front lawn or driveway. You can set up signs a few days before the garage sale soy our neighbors know when and where it will be. One good method used by people to sell more items at garage sales is by letting people fill a bag and pay a flat rate. For example, you can provide plastic grocery bags and let people know they can fill it up with as many things as will fit and pay a flat rate for that bag. It makes them feel as if they are getting more for their money.

Do Odd Jobs

If you don’t mind taking a little more time in earning the extra money, you can take on some quick odd jobs. For example, you might find some family members in need of a babysitter, or ask your neighbors if they need some home repairs or gardening to be done. These odd jobs often pay cash and are done quickly so you get the money you need.