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Beautiful Ruby Necklaces

Six months ago, my younger sister married her best friend in a beautiful, church ceremony. I was one of the four bridesmaids in her wedding. The bridesmaid dresses were short and black. The shoulders and backs of the dresses were made out of black lace. Because my sister’s color scheme was red and black, she decided to purchase all of her bridesmaids a gorgeous, ruby necklace to wear with their black dresses. These sterling silver necklaces contained ruby beads and crosses made out of white topaz stones. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best kinds of ruby jewelry items to buy the bridesmaids in your upcoming wedding. Enjoy!

Beautiful Ruby Necklaces

Reasons To Buy Antique Enamel Jewelry

by Luis Cabrera

When you think of a piece of antique jewelry, you might initially think of fine metals such as gold and silver. These metals, as well as various gemstones, are certainly well-represented in antique jewelry—but there are other designs that you will often encounter. When you visit a jewelry shop that specializes in vintage pieces, you can expect to find various types of enamel jewelry. These pieces can include earrings, brooches, necklaces, bracelets, and more. Enamel jewelry often has a vintage look, making it a good choice for anyone who wants something that does not look contemporary. Here are some reasons to buy antique enamel jewelry. 


The process of creating enamel is extensive, and the result is that this material is extremely hard and durable. When you browse a selection of antique enamel jewelry pieces, you might be surprised to see how good their condition is—even if they are several decades old. Many people like the idea of buying jewelry that offers a high level of durability. This gives a feeling of confidence that the piece won't sustain wear or damage that requires professional repair in perhaps just a few years' time.

Vibrant Color

There's little question that while pieces of antique jewelry that feature gold and silver hues can be stylish, some people might like the idea of wearing a piece that has more of a splash of color. Enamel jewelry certainly fits this description, as it is known for its colorful appearance. You will see pieces of enamel jewelry in many different shades of red, green, blue, and other colors. Some of these colors will have a retro look, which further helps to add to the vintage style of this material.


If you have a specific budget that you want to follow when you shop for one or more pieces of vintage jewelry, you'll appreciate knowing that enamel pieces tend to be fairly affordable. The low price of these pieces will help you to stretch your dollar further—perhaps giving you the opportunity to buy several different enamel pieces instead of just one piece that features higher-value materials. Whereas some antique jewelry pieces can be on the pricier side because of a combination of their age and the value of their materials, you might be surprised at just how affordable some enamel jewelry can be.

To learn more about antique jewelry, visit an antique store in your area.