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Beautiful Ruby Necklaces

Six months ago, my younger sister married her best friend in a beautiful, church ceremony. I was one of the four bridesmaids in her wedding. The bridesmaid dresses were short and black. The shoulders and backs of the dresses were made out of black lace. Because my sister’s color scheme was red and black, she decided to purchase all of her bridesmaids a gorgeous, ruby necklace to wear with their black dresses. These sterling silver necklaces contained ruby beads and crosses made out of white topaz stones. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best kinds of ruby jewelry items to buy the bridesmaids in your upcoming wedding. Enjoy!

Beautiful Ruby Necklaces


4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying A Gold Malachite Ring

Every day people buy jewelry to complement their outfits or as a gift for friends or family. But there are certain occasions when purchasing jewelry is more than just an accessory. It can be an investment. Gold malachite rings are one type of jewelry that has both a beautiful appearance and a significant value. Malachite is a bright green mineral that has been used in jewelry and other decorative objects for centuries.

Two Fairly Basic Jewelry Repair Processes

A damaged pendant that is missing a few gemstones and a ring that is misshapen can be repaired with the use of jewelry glue and a marked or unmarked ring mandrel. Both of the repair processes are relatively easy to perform. Quality jewelry pieces that are valuable should be repaired through a professional jewelry service. Jewelry Glue And Gemstones Jewelry glue is a clear adhesive that can be used to attach gemstones, sequins, beads, or other jewelry accent pieces that aren't secured by a metal prong setting.

Add A Cocktail Ring To Your Jewelry Collection

If you love wearing jewelry, it can be fun to open your jewelry box and see all sorts of different pieces that you can wear. Some items may be things that you wear several days a week, while others likely remain in the jewelry box except for on special occasions. With the latter usage in mind, it can be fun to visit a jewelry store and look for some special pieces.

Ringing In The New Year?

Once you have found that special someone, getting married is sure to be on the forefront of your mind. Naturally, becoming an engaged couple is a step that individuals almost always take on their journey to marriage. The thought of getting engaged (or proposing to your significant other) can often seem overwhelming because there are countless things one needs to consider while planning this process. Selecting an engagement location, a proposal plan, and choosing an engagement ring are all crucial parts of this life-changing process.