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Six months ago, my younger sister married her best friend in a beautiful, church ceremony. I was one of the four bridesmaids in her wedding. The bridesmaid dresses were short and black. The shoulders and backs of the dresses were made out of black lace. Because my sister’s color scheme was red and black, she decided to purchase all of her bridesmaids a gorgeous, ruby necklace to wear with their black dresses. These sterling silver necklaces contained ruby beads and crosses made out of white topaz stones. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best kinds of ruby jewelry items to buy the bridesmaids in your upcoming wedding. Enjoy!

Beautiful Ruby Necklaces

Considerations If You Plan To Sell Your Gold

by Luis Cabrera

Nowadays, many people would love to make a little extra money. As a result, some people are choosing to sell some of their jewelry to gold dealers.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind if you plan to sell your gold.

Gold Dealers Are Not Paying You for Sentimental Value

A gold dealer does not pay for your jewelry pieces based on how you feel about them emotionally. If you have a great deal of sentiment associated with a jewelry item, it is typically best to keep that item instead of selling it, regardless of how much gold it contains.

The Gold Dealer Assesses Value Based on Gold Content

The dealer simply prices the items based on the amount of gold in them. If you have a heavy piece of gold jewelry, you may assume that that piece has great worth. However, the amount of gold in an item is dependent on the number of karats in it, along with the item's weight.

A karat is 1/24 of pure gold by weight. Thus, the higher the number of karats in an item, the greater the gold content. A metal jewelry piece is only considered pure gold if it contains 24-karat gold. Items that contain fewer karats include other metals in addition to gold. Jewelry pieces that are made of 10-karat gold include less than 50% of actual gold in their metal components.

Broken Pieces of Jewelry Are Worth the Same as Intact Pieces

Pieces of jewelry that are not in disrepair are not worth more to a gold dealer. Thus, it is not profitable to separate broken pieces from those that are intact if you are only planning to receive payment for their gold content.

A full set of earrings is worth the same amount per ounce as a single earring, as long as the number of karats in the items is the same.

Some Gold Dealers Allow You to Send Your Pieces Via the Mail

Some gold dealers allow sellers to mail jewelry to them. If you choose to send your jewelry items via the mail, be sure to record an inventory list of the items that are sent and weigh them beforehand. Also, verify whether or not the gold dealer requires you to obtain insurance before shipping the items to them. Although the mail carriers may be quite reliable, they may still lose packages intermittently.

If you have gold that you would like to sell, consult with a scrap gold buyer in your local area.