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Beautiful Ruby Necklaces

Six months ago, my younger sister married her best friend in a beautiful, church ceremony. I was one of the four bridesmaids in her wedding. The bridesmaid dresses were short and black. The shoulders and backs of the dresses were made out of black lace. Because my sister’s color scheme was red and black, she decided to purchase all of her bridesmaids a gorgeous, ruby necklace to wear with their black dresses. These sterling silver necklaces contained ruby beads and crosses made out of white topaz stones. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best kinds of ruby jewelry items to buy the bridesmaids in your upcoming wedding. Enjoy!

Beautiful Ruby Necklaces

Earring Backings And Your Comfort

by Luis Cabrera

When most people choose earrings, they look at how heavy the earring is, whether it will droop and whether it will catch on anything like hair. These are all valid concerns because the wrong type of earrings can make wearing them really uncomfortable. But one other item that can affect how comfortable those are is the backing. The backing can make putting the earrings in and taking them out easy or hard, and it can affect how the earring sits in your ear. Earrings don't always have to use the same backings they came with, though in a few cases, they do, and you have to be sure you use those backings correctly to ensure the earring remains comfortable.

Support Discs and Patches

One of the problems that heavy earrings present is drooping. For stud earrings, the decorative part of the earring can tilt downward, hiding part of the design and making the earring look cheap and ill-fitting. Adding a support disc, which is a hard plastic disc that makes the backing wider and braces it against your earlobe, is the answer. If the earring is dangling, there are patches you can add to the backing after the earring is in the earlobe.

Pushback vs. Screwback

Pushback backings are the traditional earring backing for studs. These come in a metal "butterfly" form and plastic or silicone tube forms. They're easy to use in general, but sometimes the metal ones can be difficult to pull off the earring posts when you want to remove the earrings. The butterfly and tube forms of these backings are interchangeable. Now you can also get screwback backings that literally screw onto the earring posts. Those are not interchangeable with other backings and can be less comfortable as they take more effort to adjust.

Remember Piercing Stud Backs Don't Move

One more type of stud backing is a butterfly type that goes with piercing studs. Piercing studs have pointed ends on the posts with a depression where the post narrows. This narrow channel serves as a lock for the backing, which needs to sit just past the point on the post. This protects your skin from the point on the post when you lie down as piercing studs have to stay in all day and night when you've just gotten your ears pierced. You can wear the piercing studs years after the piercing took place, but don't try to shove a backing past that narrowed channel; it won't fit on most piercing studs.

Speak with a jeweler to learn more about earrings and their backing options.