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Beautiful Ruby Necklaces

Six months ago, my younger sister married her best friend in a beautiful, church ceremony. I was one of the four bridesmaids in her wedding. The bridesmaid dresses were short and black. The shoulders and backs of the dresses were made out of black lace. Because my sister’s color scheme was red and black, she decided to purchase all of her bridesmaids a gorgeous, ruby necklace to wear with their black dresses. These sterling silver necklaces contained ruby beads and crosses made out of white topaz stones. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best kinds of ruby jewelry items to buy the bridesmaids in your upcoming wedding. Enjoy!

Beautiful Ruby Necklaces

Jewelry Storage Mistakes To Avoid

by Luis Cabrera

It doesn't matter if it's the most expensive diamond in the world or your favorite costume piece—it's yours, so you want to take care of it. Make sure you aren't damaging your own jewelry. When you fail to store your pieces away properly, this could very well be the case. Make certain you know what mistakes to avoid when storing your jewelry away.

Hanging Pearls

Those decorative jewelry hangers seem like the ideal space to hang your pearl necklaces and bracelets. However, it's never a good idea to hang genuine pearl pieces. First, when it comes to bracelets and necklaces, authentic pearls are generally strung on fine strings of silk, which are often very delicate.

When you hang the pieces, especially if you don't wear them often, you could be putting undue tension on the silk, causing it to fail prematurely. Secondly, when the pieces are hanging, any vibration in the area, such as you walking by, can cause the pieces to move and possibly cause the pearls to bump into one another, which can cause damage. It's always best to rest your pearl pieces on a flat surface.

Putting All Your Pieces Together

Never make the mistakes of storing all of your jewelry pieces together. Organizing your pieces with a jewelry tray insert doesn't just make it easier to locate them, it can also keep them protected. Take the thin, pointy backs of earrings, for instance. They might seem harmless, but when tossed in the same area as other metal jewelry pieces, these earring backs can cause scratching.

Tray organizers help you avoid this problem because they keep all your pieces separated from each other, without scarifying the convenience of having all your jewelry in one place. For added protection, consider purchasing a tray insert that is made of velvet or some other soft fabric.

Choosing The Wrong Storage Area

Always carefully consider the placement of your jewelry storage. This is especially important when it comes to heat. Storing your jewelry near the window, next to a television or near a heating register all increase the risk of heat exposure. Prolonged heat exposure can be especially damaging.

In terms of colored gemstones, over time, heat can alter both the color and durability of the stone. For metals, the increased heat can also alter humidity, which can cause damage to the metal. Always keep your jewelry away from a heat source.

Always take your time when storing your jewelry away to ensure you can enjoy your pieces for many years to come.